Administrative center of the Prinzapolka Municipality. Miskitu Tribal area. Here Harvest Intiative has a preschool, chruch and vocational training center

Harvest Initiative Base Site

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Managua, Nicaragua

San Benito, Nicaragua

La Cosecha - San Benito Colegio La Cosecha (La Co-say-cha: Harvest Community School) Director: Danira SanchezFaculty and Staff: 9Enrollment: 215La Cosecha is newer-just a few years old. It began much as Pequeño...

Tipitapa, Nicaragua

Pequeno Benjamin - Tipitapa Colegio El Pequeño Benjamin (Pi-cane-yo Ben-ha-min: Little Benjamin) Director: Alexandra MendozaFaculty and Staff: 23Enrollment: 520Pequeño Benjamin is one of HI's longest run...