Administrative center of the Prinzapolka Municipality. Miskitu Tribal area. Here Harvest Intiative has a preschool, chruch and vocational training center as well as a daily radio broadcast in the local tribal language of t...

Harvest Initiative Base Site

Base Site,, volunteer housing, Agricultural and Renewalble energy demonstrations. Warehousing and distribution center for Feed Nicaragua food supplies

Managua, Nicaragua

San Benito, Nicaragua

La Cosecha - San Benito Colegio La Cosecha (La Co-say-cha: Harvest Community School) Director: Danira SanchezFaculty and Staff: 9Enrollment: 215La Cosecha is newer-just a few years old. It began much as Pequeño...

Tipitapa, Nicaragua

Pequeno Benjamin - Tipitapa Colegio El Pequeño Benjamin (Pi-cane-yo Ben-ha-min: Little Benjamin) Director: Alexandra MendozaFaculty and Staff: 23Enrollment: 520Pequeño Benjamin is one of HI's longest run...